Many companies have employees with many different nationalities, and many are not familiar with the requirements for sending British employees to Norway.

As the UK is no longer a member of the EU, British employees must apply for a residence permit in Norway. The application must be made and preferably approved before the employee can get the Norwegian D-number and start working.

The residence permit must included to the projectreporting when the employee is reported on a Norwegian project. If the employee does not have a D-number, a copy of passport and residence permit must still be included. For the mandatory ID check at the Tax Administration, the residence permit must be brought along with the usual ID and work documentation.

A residence permit is applied for at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration:

The application must be made by the employee himself or by the employer.

No rules without exceptions. If the British employee has to work in Norway for less than 3 months during a 12-month period, then there is a possibility that a residence permit is not required.

e.g. if..

  • The employee is employed by an international company with a branch in Norway
  • Is employed in the foreign part of the company
  • Participates in training in the Norwegian part of the company
  • Technical expert
  • The task the employee is on in Norway must not take more than 3 months. This means that the Norwegian company that has commissioned this expert will not be able to obtain a new expert for the same task without simultaneously obtaining a residence permit.
  • The employer or employees must notify the police in Norway in writing before the employee travels to Norway. Contact information for the police and SUA: Residence permit for work and EU / EEA registration – UDI