Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA gives companies access to the entire EU as an open and free market. It enables fast delivery times with Amazon directly to EU consumers and businesses.

Several companies use Amazon FBA (Amazon Fulfillment Center), where the company's goods are placed in an Amazon warehouse. Amazon then picks, packs and ships the sold goods.

At the same time, the FBA solution enables Amazon, via its own algorithms, to move the company's inventory around to other Amazon warehouses in the EU.

This solution is primarily, but not exclusively, chosen by companies with an Amazon Seller Account, and the entrance to start selling on Amazon is most often on Amazon DE.

However, joy can quickly come to a screeching halt when the company has to deal with VAT compliance and EU registrations. The correct handling comes partly from the local VAT registrations in, for example, Amazon UK, Amazon PL or Amazon FR.

At the same time, the company must be correctly registered where it has its permanent establishment and have selected the correct registrations in Amazon's own system.

Digital solutions

TIMEVAT has developed a digital tool for preparing VAT reports for the various EU countries based on data from Amazon and other sources. With TIMEVAT, it is also possible to continuously monitor whether the company receives reporting and registration obligations in other EU countries.

TIMEVAT has extensive knowledge of Amazon's VAT solutions and has the opportunity to assist companies with professional know-how and practical experience with registrations and reporting.

TIMEVAT has the skills to assist with registration and reporting in all the countries where Amazon is present. Together with TIMEVAT, you have the opportunity to make better and more secure use of Amazon FBA.

This is even if you start on Amazon DE and only later connect new countries such as Amazon UK, Amazon PL or Amazon FR.