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Are you challenged by your delivery terms to your Norwegian and Swiss customers?
Are you concerned about sales and deliveries to British customers?

Do you want to optimize your deliveries outside EC, then contact TIMEVAT. We can advise and assist you how to do.

Are you aware that you cannot sell abroad without charging local VAT when you exceed certain tresholds (limits). When you are selling and delivering abroad you must charge, report and pay foreign VAT to be in compliance. If not you it is illegal and you will be fined.

TIMEVAT assist and support European E-Commerce businesses to get a registration for foreign VAT numbers. We make the periodical reporting and ensure compliance for many E-Commerce companies in all industries and in many different countries.

Many E-Commerce companies choose to outsource the tedious administrative work to TIMEVAT covering registration, reporting and compliance. This leaves more time for them to focus on their core business and customers.

Contakt TIMEVAT if you want to hear more about registration requirements in the UK, Norway & Switzerland or other countries in the EU

If you need information about another country then please contact us. TIMEVAT has a strong and capable international network, that can advise and assist.

Difficulties understanding local compliance rules?

Many webshops are interested in using Amazon as a platform for local EU sales. These platforms offer a streamlined and powerful business model that provides access to huge numbers of potential customers and fast delivery times.

In order to be able to use the platform's fast delivery times and use their fulfillment service (FBA), foreign webshops must have their goods located in Amazon's warehouse in Europe. It requires a local VAT registration in the EU country where the goods are located. See the example below.

Each country in Europe has its own VAT rules and laws. This makes the task of VAT registration complex, time-consuming and can become a significant cost. Subsequently, the individual countries set different requirements for reporting, deadlines and compliance.

Contact TIMEVAT now. We have extensive experience and know how on sales and deliveries to customers outside EC.


 You have agreed to have your goods placed in an FBA Amazon warehouse in Germany. Therefore, you must have a VAT registration in Germany in order to invoice and pay local VAT on goods to German customers.