Rules regarding entry to Norway and Finland in connection with coronavirus / COVID-19.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in countries all over the world discourages all unnecessary travel until 10 May.
If you send employees to Norway and Finland on construction, service and assembly work, you will find clear guidelines for entry into these countries here:

In Norway, the borders are partially closed provisionally until 4 May. Foreigners without a residence permit will as a general rule be denied entry. If you commute to Norway, due to work in Norway, you will have to be able to prove your purpose with  project contract (location of the project work and period) and an employment contract. Furthermore a 14 day quarantine is required at a hotel or similar (at your own expense) before work can commence.

We recommend that you follow the website of the Norwegian authorities:


On March 17, Finland declared the state of emergency and the borders are closed until May 13. Cross-border workers must have a certificate from the employer to substantiate their crossing as critical. Workers who normally commute to Finland for project work will be stopped at the border. Everyone must prove that their work is critically needed. Furthermore a 14 day quarantine is required before work can commence.
Very few tasks will be approved as critical. Therefore, traveling to Finland before 13 May is not recommended.
We recommend that you follow the Finnish border authorities’ website: