Are you familiar with the ATA-Carnet?

How do you avoid a situation where your samples or other goods for temporary import are stopped at the border and held by Customs? For goods imported temporarily you might want to consider an ATA Carnet.

There are also a number of challenges and costs that can be solved and eased with a foreign VAT registration. TIMEVAT has many years of experience in helping companies save money, simplify administration and ensure fast and problem-free delivery to customers in Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

Do you need advice or help with the export of goods or ATA Carnet in connection with fairs, construction or product samples to Norway, Switzerland or the UK. Then TIMEVAT has the experience.

Do you have challenges delivering to your customers in the UK after BREXIT? Is the UK's exit from the EU causing your sales to English customers to falter? Or do you need a stable and good solution for your UK deliveries?

It might be that you are going to exhibitions and fairs or need to take commercial samples with you or need to enter Norway with all you professional equipment (max. equipment value is NOK 20.000 without an ATA Carnet or an import declaration must be made).

Contact TIMEVAT and we will review your current setup and make our recommendations to maximise your business.

Your professional business partner abroad

Do you often have challenges at the border when delivering to your customers? Or maybe your staff has been rejected at the border to Norway or Switzerland? Maybe your Norwegian or Swiss customers are not satisfied with your delivery terms or extra costs (duty/VAT and other charges) when ordering from you?

Maybe you are worried about how your British customers receive your goods when the UK is no longer part of the EU?
Contact TIMEVAT for advise and assistance when exporting to non-EU countries.