VOEC (VAT on E-Commerce)

The Norwegian VOEC scheme applies to all foreign webshops with sales of goods to private individuals (B2C).

VOEC means that VAT must be collected and reported from the first kroner. All foreign webshops must therefore be registered if they have a turnover of more than NOK 50,000 to Norwegian consumers.

The VAT rules have thus become the same for foreign webshops, just as if a Norwegian consumer bought goods from a Norwegian webshop. Norwegian VAT is also paid here, regardless of the size of the amount.

With a VOEC registration, the selling company receives a VOEC number, which must be stated on the outside of the package. The package is registered at the border and the delivery is DDP (to the customer's door).

Goods with a value of up to NOK 3,000 are imported duty-free and no customs clearance is carried out in Norway. High and low value goods cannot be sent together, as goods worth over NOK 3,000 must be cleared through customs.

The Norwegian Tax Authorities carry out ongoing checks to ensure that all packages from foreign webshops and e-marketplaces are charged VAT. If this is not the case, these trading platforms may be subject to taxes and fines by the authorities, and the goods may be detained at the border.

The VOEC scheme is a "pay-only system" with a number of restrictions. However, there are several solutions that give your company better options.

You should therefore contact TIMEVAT to find out what the these rules mean for your company and what solutions we can offer.

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