All limited companies in Norway are obliged to submit a shareholder register statement to the Norwegian Tax Administration every year. The deadline for delivering the shareholder register statement regarding 2022 is 31st January 2023. The obligation to submit the Shareholder register statement also applies to companies that were closed in 2022.

Companies that previously delivered the shareholder register statement electronically regarding 2021 have on 5th December 2022 received a draft of the shareholder register statement regarding 2022 in Altinn or in their annual statement system together with an information letter about the Shareholder register statement. If there are no changes to previous years, the draft must be reviewed, approved and submitted.

The Shareholder register statement can also be submitted manually on paper.

The shareholder register statement must be approved by the Norwegian Tax Administration and in the event of an error, the company must send a new and corrected shareholder register statement as soon as possible.

If the statement is not submitted in time, daily fines will accrue after just a few days. The fines are a so-called court fees (rettsgebyr) and added daily (max 50 court fees/days). Per 1st November 2022 the court fee is NOK 1,223 per day.

The fee may change in 2023.

In order to submit the Shareholder register statement, the company must, among other things and as an example, decide on the following:

  • Who must deliver the shareholder register statement (day-to-day manager or auditor)
  • Is the contact information correct?
  • Have shares / equity certificates been bought/sold and therefore must be reported?
  • Are there any organizational changes?
  • Has a shareholder loan been granted, or a dividend paid?
  • Has a decision been made regarding withholding tax when paying dividends to foreign shareholders (including correct reporting and payment)?


If you are in doubt, then seek assistance. TIMEVAT can and will assist you with the Shareholder register statement or any other reports or questions related to your activity in Norway.