Foreign companies with personnel in Norway are already familiar with the requirements for Norwegian ID checks of foreign workers in Norway.

It is a requirement that foreign workers have an ID check with the Norwegian authorities, just as it is a requirement that Norwegian projects must be registered in the Norwegian Oppdragsregister (Project Register OAR)).

It has now become possible for companies in connection with registration of the project to apply for an exemption from ID checks when the employment relationship is registered. The application for exemption can be made when the worker is reported with a Norwegian D-number and as long as it is a short project and the person concerned has not already had an ID check. Employees cannot previously have been granted an exemption or have been refused an exemption in the past.

The exemption will loosen the handling of short projects where the employee already has a D-number and has not already been checked. There will continue to be normal ID checks of foreign employees who are often on regular projects

If you have challenges with Norwegian rules for employees on projects in Norway, project reporting or taxation of employees and/or companies in Norway, contact TIMEVAT.