All Norwegian limited companies and NUF (Norwegian foreign company) have an obligation to submit tax returns from the year of foundation.

The disclosure obligation applies regardless of whether the company had income or not in the past year. There is also an obligation to provide information for companies that have been deleted from the Norwegian VAT and company register (MVA-Manntallet and Enhetsregisteret) in the past year.

The tax return with attachments must be submitted regardless of whether an exception has been granted for the submission of the annual accounts to the Accounts Register (Regnskabsregisteret) or not.

The consequence for non-submission of the Tax return is an enforcement fine and additional tax.

Enforcement fines

If the mandatory information is not provided before the deadline the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) will initially send a letter of notification and conditional decision . If the tax return is not submitted before the specified deadline, the company will be charged a daily fine.

In 2022, the enforcement fine is NOK 611 per day, corresponding to 50% of the Norwegian court fee (NOK 1,223). The maximum limit is NOK 61,150, corresponding to 50 court fees.

The enforcement fine will accrue until the tax return with mandatory information is submitted or the maximum limit is reached.

The company receives an invoice from the Norwegian Tax Administration with payment information.


Additional tax

The company may be charged an additional tax if incorrect or incomplete information is submitted in the Norwegian tax return.

If the submitted incorrect or incomplete information has given the company a tax advantage, the Norwegian Tax administration can impose an addition tax of 20% of the tax advantage.

In serious cases, the Norwegian Tax Administration can impose additional tax by a further 20% and in particularly serious cases by a further 20%. The highest total additional tax can therefore be 60% of the tax advantage.

The additional tax will apply to all types of Norwegian taxes and fees

If you are non-compliant and have failed to submit the mandatory tax return or any other mandatory information such as A-melding, shareholder register statement, VAT report or Norwegian OTP (mandatory occupational pension scheme) please feel free to contact TIMEVAT.